Идеальная пилотка :D

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  1. Мечта

  2. хуйня ссаная, тролинг не удался сука, расходимся

  3. да ето мечта 

  4. ТП

  5. мечта) э-эх…

  6. Fucking translator .. Half of the words is not translated (

  7. My dear, why are you still in your socks?Come and shoot Toss them somewhere so nibud.Ya sobirat.Prosti love them, I was not right, but the girls and I have prepared for you a small syurpriz.Devochki, razdevaemsya.Ne hurts Do my head? Fuck, what then?My sister wants to spend the night at nas.Ty not mind if she sleeps with us? Darling, are you sure you’re drinking enough? Forgive me, something I zapizdelas.Ah how wonderful you farts, do it one more time for me!

  8. I was so excited when you pyanyy.Dorogoy, today I decided to go home goloy.Slushay, I earn neploho.Zachem you work? Better yet, learn to play poker.Ya thought, but why would you spend money on a gift to March 8? Come better buy you a low-profile tires.For parents I’ll go by myself, and as long as you go down with your friends on striptiz.Net, and no again, I’ll take the car only to have to change the oil in it, I signed up for yoga to try with you all the poses.

  9. Кто эта барышня?

  10. Did not understand a word. Beautiful girl though.

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