КВН песня 128

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Outstanding art of Ritsu by Kumkrum on DeviantArt( http://www.deviantart.com/art/Namine-Ritsu-205428348) So, like, I did this vsqx/ust few days ago, but didn…
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16 Responses

  1. Waaaay better than Gaga herself. Said it on Vevo vid too

  2. Perfect *w* I love Ritsu’s covers

  3. Just can’t rape that like button enough, man…

  4. O__O BEST. COVER. EVER. Something makes me doubt YOHIOloid could beat out the way Ritsu sounds here… awesome job!

  5. Oh! You always do a great video!!

  6. O>O this… is.. gewddd :3

  7. I love this!! Good job!!! ;D

  8. LOVEEE!!!

  9. Oh my god this is fabulous

  10. Good job ! He sounds good :)

  11. ur fabulous mkay qurl

  12. yess uvu

  13. The lyric vid. scared me too, tbh, but I just had to do it, lol

  14. I love you

  15. ..The video kinda scares me. It’s really scary. I’m against the video.

  16. looks cool

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