Greatest freak out ever (ORIGINAL VIDEO) h…
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25 Responses

  1. Did the bed sheet just eat up all of his clothes(except for his pants)!!!

  2. Sexual battery to himself

  3. @Scatmaster111 look on the channel he made an aftermath vid

  4. i think the remote butt raped him

  5. Come on dude grow up only 2 year old throw a tantrum like that and over a nerdy game get a life

  6. Wow all over a nerdy video game

  7. Did he just put the remote up his ass?

  8. Why would he butt rape the remote???

  9. Why would he rape the remote???

  10. He raped tye remote.

  11. he probly gets shoving things up his ass from his mom

  12. Thats why you’d send them away, but this guy is fake and he makes money on it so they let him

  13. when you get them you cant know theyll grow up to be mongoloids

  14. It’s him going into the closet

  15. At least he didn’t shove Joe Girardi up his butt

  16. rwj who brought me here

  17. 1:35 is he sick

  18. XD

  19. 5*

  20. Press 4 For The Remote In His Butt

  21. What did he say when he found out you put this up?

  22. That’s why I never play world of Warcraft I play minecraft

  23. ha ha ha when the kid runs back!

  24. Yea have an exorcism and then shove a remote up your ass…thats normal

  25. don’t forget narnia

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