Martin Tallstrom – Lucid Dream

On new album «Summer Breeze» – available at or Several guitars a…
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25 Responses

  1. Hello my friend, really appreciate your work, your songs are incredible, touch the soul. Throughout my life I have always tried to play like you.

  2. Check out Dunlop Zookies thumbpicks. They make them in 3 lengths. One is really short

  3. wow

  4. Tack för den där låten! Känns riktigt skön, flyter lätt och tonerna drillar på helt makalöst! Din musik är väldigt njutbar som vanligt. Känns som idealisk musik att ha till att köra bil mot okända mål i solnedgången. :-) Tack än en gång!

  5. Skön låt.

  6. yeah, I tend to get bored with my own stuff – on the other hand the thrill of actually (eventually) nailing the tricky stuff can´t be beat :) Doing a lot of takes is also a great warm-up procedure, I don´t play/ practice nearly as much as I should do… which is of course part of my problem to begin with. Getting the right «feel» is still in my main «vision» of how I want the song to sound. Sometimes I have to leave a piece for a while and try it again after a week or so.

  7. haha i think we think the same way. I’m always worrying about screwing up at the end and it just distracts me from what I’m playing at the moment. When you do so many takes, doesn’t it take the «feel» out of your playing? I find that when I do 50+ takes, my playing just gets stale because I’m getting tired of hearing the song myself.

  8. perfect

  9. Hey Scott, hmm, I never count them :) Since I´m a little neurotic I can´t record a song like this in one take, because one minute in I would be worrying about the ending and that inevitably leads to a screw-up! Here I´m just playing along to the finished recording, and that works fine (I made no direct mistakes) since the pressure is off, so to speak…
    On my first album, I remember doing 150 takes of a solo before I was happy with it, hehe – just do what it takes to get the result you want!

  10. hey martin, i was just wondering how many takes do you usually have to do to get it perfect?

  11. Dude this is nuts… Your guitar is awesome… Mad genius …

  12. I really love your music, thanks Martin

  13. WOW!!! Just… Wow!!

  14. Tonight I was wondering if you had a new upload. Turns out I’m not subscribed to your channel any longer (???) Youtube works in mysterious ways lately :-(
    But Gosh: how do you manage to give me goosgbumps video after video, every single time? Kudos, Martin: you are one in a million!

  15. Thanks for this. I have been going through some tough times lately and this music really helps. I know it sounds cheesy but it’s nice to have something to listen to that just makes you feel good.


  16. Hey matin. I am foolish english
    always sweet sound. Thanks

  17. belle music et video , merci

  18. Hi Martin,
    Again a very professional performance. I enjoyed the various instruments sounding together very much.
    Top performance.

  19. 3:15 - 3:36 how do you come up with that!? :) Your playing and writing is just superb!

  20. w0w, this is beautiful.

  21. I can hear a bit of «summer breeze» in this one. Do you have a release date for your cd? I’d like to know when it comes out so I can get it.

  22. Mate, great to see you back and around

  23. Martin, this is incredible.. is it available on an album yet or on itunes?! I’d love to buy it!!


  24. Oooh nice

  25. How much is into this song: feeling, technique, composition, dynamics, groove, picking, fingerstyle, rhythmic, harmony, melody… and on top of everything: heart.

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