this is Georgian autonomous republic of abkhazia. the pictures are taken befor war which took place in abkhazia(1992).


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  1. Cocus99999 you are right my friend,and everyone knows that iven abkhazians itself

  2. abkhazia does not exist exist abkhaz people who migrated to Georgian Colchis land from the north is it clear?

  3. We lost that land for quite a long time and this is the fault of so called president of Georgia Saakashvili Mishutka!!! He was vs Russia and what did we receive?

  4. ABKHAZIA is was and will be part of Georgian Republic. it was called Mengrelia before but than it was changed to Abkhazia… get it thru your thick skull!

  5. Gorgeous photographs! I have never been to this part of the world but it looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing

  6. God, do this russiana alreday washed up all of your brains! ok with the help of russia you became part of Russia but how u dare saying that it was land of Abkhazians. Once Abkhazia was called whole East part of Georgia my city Kutaisi was capital so maybe you just tell me that i am Abkhazian too..

  7. It is Abkhazia not Georgia! You have to get used to consider that is ABKHAZIA motherland of Abkhazians as its name.


  9. magaria

  10. lamazia kochag kargad gamogivida,tag-bshi mainc uketesia Apkhazeti rom davcerot torem nel-nela rusuli prefixit daicko xalxma am kutxis moxsenieba,ajobebs Apkhazetis Avtonomiuri da ase shemdeg–

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