Brian Griffin hates crying baby

Brian Griffin hates crying baby.

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25 Responses

  1. Thank you!

  2. Season 3 Episode 13

    Screwed the pooch

  3. What’s worse is when their parents ignore it.

  4. But not anymore

  5. You were once a child.

  6. what episode is this from?

  7. No, fuck the parents who don’t do something about their crying.

  8. good for you

  9. you should’ve done it

  10. I don’t think it’s a phase in life any of us want to remember.

  11. You were a child too.

  12. What episode and season

  13. My baby brother loves this viedo

  14. I loved this part. :D

  15. yea fuck them all

  16. We just had a screaming child at Sweet Tomatoes. I almost did the same thing.

  17. I do this in grocery stores.

  18. You should hear what Peter says about it in «Grinds My Gears.»

  19. I actually did it five minutes ago!

  20. No way, you pedophile!

  21. HAHAHA! I felt tempted to do this on one of my flights to Hawaii where there was a crying kid in close proximity. But I would just aptly tell the child, in the famous words of Duke Nukem, «You’re an inspiration for birth control!»

  22. Babies who are constantly crying are the result of either new parents who can’t help it which is normal or ignorant parents who don’t give a shit but give a shit when someone else tells their crying brat to shut up!

  23. I’m experiencing this problem right now at the fucking library.

  24. I was cracking up!

  25. the only time I actually laughed at a brian joke

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