Late Night with 8-Bit Eric 8-Bit Eric Fights off the insomnia.. in this insomnia inducing livestream.. haha.
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24 Responses

  1. it pains me to imagine watching 480p for 2 hours

  2. i plan on picking up a wii u just for monster hunter tri ultimate hoping for a price drop by the time that game comes out or a bundle with the game and a classic controller

  3. fuck you eric

  4. hehe Didn’t know that it was i live stream I’m sorry

  5. love my wii u

  6. Awesome shirt, I have it too

  7. Awesomeness

  8. Lol tilt it up

  9. Cool

  10. Ambien or Xanax. OTC Tylenol PM or MidNite. : X–zzzzzzzz’s

  11. i have. but a livestream, why?

  12. lol

  13. nope

  14. well youtube converts google hangouts pretty crappy. it looked beautiful on google plus

  15. omfg a kaputt webcam, what a foobar schweinhund xD

  16. that port on the bottom could be for accessories, but nothing uses it yet, the Pro controller is Bluetooth sooo…. *shrugs*

  17. ooo what is your Nintendo ID? need to save ya in it, do not have any online games for Wii U yet though.

  18. yo E get malwarebytes kick ass program that gets all the stuff your anti virus missed

  19. You should upload at story about you and cm punk in waco! Should of shaved the head!

  20. is this still live……?

  21. gii bought TMNT 2 with a green plastic case for 5 bucks. any game sells for 5 bucks at the old store this year. glad to see ya on late night show. now you & Gamester 81 should do that weather Ch. and wow billy& JAy live hours away from ya??. What your opinion on the 13 thousand dollars 001 NES. the lady that sold it had 180 games & 30 Were boxed and complete& 1 sealed copy of bandi stadium events. only 200 copies were sold in north america& only 2 are sealed& that sealed copy sold for 43 thousan

  22. spiritlessons(dot)com

  23. Did not know you was live .

  24. make video’s in HD It’s much better

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